Millions of images? A piece of cake!

We put a lot of effort on improving performance, so you can easily control millions of images. Tiat also support remote disk, so don’t worry about your images in NAS.


Save your storage

Many of other apps will copy the images into their library and create redundant storage cost. It will be horrendous when you have tons of images because those redundant files will waste your storage space. Tiat will only save the image metadata and a small preview image so that you won’t have duplicate copies on your drive.


Many kinds of group type

Organize the images in the way you want, like folder, date, tags, etc. You can even view your trip memory on the map.


Powerful search and filter

Search and filter for your images by many different ways, such as size, rate, color, date, tag or note. Also you can search by using a similar image, or even search images by drawing!


Album and smart categorization

Besides Album, Tiat also provide smart categorization. Once the categorization filter gets set, new images will be collected and tagged automatically.


Tagging, rating, note, and more!

You can add many kinds of information on images, such as tags, note, source, rate, author, etc. Tiat also supports EXIF and IPTC editing.


Simple and elegant interface

Unlike the complicated screens of traditional applications, Tiat provides you with a well-designed operation interface that is simple and easy to use, allowing you to easily find the desired function.

For designer

You collected tons of materials and inspirations, but cannot to find out what you want when you need it? Tiat got your back. Our powerful search function and filter help you find out your target quickly.

For photographer

You have traveled so many places and taken a lot of beautiful moment, but don’t know how to organize them? Tiat provides diversified organize tools to make sure all your images are in their places.

For magpie

Like to collect a variety of pictures, but do not know how to classify them? Tiat provides a variety of organizational features to keep your pictures organized.

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